Stretch Your Feet and Hit the Street

Your feet will get you where you need to go so they need to stay healthy. Outdoor activities help the mind and soul but what to do about the body? Well, your body needs to prepare for safe workouts, runs or hikes. If your muscles are warm, then the stress on your joints and tendons will be reduced. A few minutes of stretching can save you years of aches and pains. While it is important for overall health, it can also save your feet and ankles from needless injury. 

Here are some suggestions to get your stretches in:

This should get you ready for some outdoor activity like bike riding, running, tennis, golf, hiking and the list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter if you hit the pavement or the grass, stretching is a smart choice. Improving and maintaining your overall health starts with your feet so let Raymon Hanna, DPM handle your preventative healthcare. 

If your feet or ankles are not feeling flexible or if the joints hurt after stretching, then you may have an injury or disease that requires more attention. Dr. Hanna at Alpha Omega Foot and Ankle can evaluate your pain and give you a diagnosis that will fit your feet!

Call us at 727-772-0800 at our Palm Harbor office and schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Raymon Hanna

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