Footwear Preparation For Spring

It is normal for people to cut back on exercise throughout the winter, but spring is has started! That means that it is time to get back outdoors, engage in more physical activity, and just get moving! If you have been dedicated to your workouts by joining a gym during the winter, it is essential that you buy a quality pair of new shoes prior to exploring the hiking trails or going for a jog outside. 

Positive Results From OUTDOOR EXERCISE

Rock climbing, hiking and joining a local sports team are all fantastic ideas when it comes to the different ways that you start putting daily outdoor exercise back into your life. You will see new sights, discover new trails, and have a more adventurous workout than you ever could in a gym. The spring season also brings warm air and sunshine to help get you out of your winter slump and bring on the challenges of a new exercise routine!


It is absolutely imperative that you buy new shoes if you are planning on transitioning back into outdoor exercise for the warmer months. Exercise shoes wear out after substantial use, even if you only wore them to exercise inside. Be certain to inspect the flexibility of the shoe’s arch, if it is too loose or if it bends when you twist the shoe, then it is time to purchase a new pair. Having shoes with adequate support is crucial to warding off leg, ankle and foot injuries when you are exercising.

Choosing new athletic SHOES

If you are someone who has a low arch or a high arch, ensure that you purchase an appropriately fitting athletic shoe for your specific type of foot. If your shoes do not fit the way that they should and support your arches, you could potentially cause injury to your feet after extended use. Problems such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, sprains and bunions can cultivate if your shoes are too loose, tight, or long in the arch area. Check with a podiatrist if you would like to know more information about your foot type.

If you are uncertain as to what kind of shoe is the best fit for your foot when it comes to outdoor exercise, please contact our office at 727-772-0800. Don’t let foot pain, ankle pain, or a possible injury stop you from improving your health and the great outdoors. Alpha and Omega Foot and Ankle offer a wide variety of treatments and services that are able to help you with non-emergency related foot problems. Raymon Hanna, DPM, tailors all of his medical solutions to each individual patient so that everyone gets the full benefits of the help they deserve. We offer the highest standard of care to our patients in Palm Harbor, Florida and the surrounding Pinellas County area. 

Dr. Raymon Hanna

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